Land for Sale in Albanian Riviera - Ksamil, Albania - Land for Sale - 10000 m²

Land of 10,000 square meters overlooking the sea, ideal for any construction. The area offers a great peace of mind because it is close to the sea. Buying the right piece of property is one of the most important decisions that one can make, and this land will be an excellent investment choice as the price is cheaper in comparison of other properties in the situation.

990.000 €

Land for Sale in Ksamil

The land is equipped with certificate of ownership with planning permission for residential use and surrounding area has the electricity and water.

Ksamil is a small town situated on the South of Albania, close to the border with Greece, about half way from Saranda to Butrinti. What makes it unique is a beautiful bay with four little islands. It is a true heaven on earth! Here, you will find beautiful sunny weather, clear warm water, pleasant beaches and delicious cheap food. Not to mention the beautiful views – because of them this part of our guidebook is less wordy, you will get more pictures instead, the ones that will hopefully be a better representation of this charming place.

You may reach Ksamil both by your own car and using public transport. As I have already mentioned, Ksamil is situated on the way from Saranda to Butrinti – the ancient city that can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List – because of that buses and minibuses run regularly on this route. You may easily reach Saranda itself by ferry from Corfu or by bus from any place in Albania.


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Location Details

  • 20 kilometers from Greece
  • 10 kilometers from Saranda City Center

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